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Los Alamos Postdoc Association (LAPA)

Making the life of Los Alamos National Lab postdocs more fulfilling socially and professionally


Postdocs are not only the future of science, but specifically, the future of the Lab

Postdocs, the Future of Science and LANL

The Postdoctoral Research staff (postdocs) at LANL are not only the future of science, but specifically, the future of the Laboratory. To ensure that this future is bright, the Los Alamos Postdoc Association (LAPA) works to make the life of the LANL postdoc more fulfilling, both professionally and socially.

How LAPA was Established
In March 2006, postdocs from a cross-section of the Laboratory's divisions were invited to meet with then-Director Michael Anastasio to discuss issues pertaining to postdocs during the time of the contractual transition from the University of California to Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS). A group of 15 postdocs attended this meeting.

LAPA officers and committee chairs meet monthly to discuss various initiatives. All postdocs are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. Notification of these meetings including a copy of the agenda is sent to all Lab postdocs.

Every May and November, election for officers take place. Also, at this meeting the current vice president gives a presentation highlighting the activities and accomplishments for the preceding six months.

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