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Social Media Tips

Your social media presence matters. Make sure you are leveraging platforms as resources for success.

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Los Alamos National Lab social media platforms

We participate in a broad range of platforms and work to get followers the information they are interested in. Consider engaging with us on one or more of our platforms to find all the information you need about the Lab, our exciting science, accomplishments, career opportunities and our wonderful employees.

Success strategies

Consider some of the following tips as you create or update your social media presence.

  1. Clean up your profiles. Make sure your public face is the one you are comfortable with your potential employer seeing.
  2. Create a robust LinkedIn profile. Use the LinkedIn profile tutorial to successfully present yourself.
  3. Follow us! Connect and engage with us on social media and you will obtain key pieces of information that will be relevant in your job search with Los Alamos National Lab.
  4. Network within the platforms. Our platforms provide information about social events, as well as award-winning accomplishments and cutting-edge research.
  5. Join LinkedIn Groups to become engaged in professional communities of interest.
  6. Share Lab social media content with connections who may be interested.
  7. Have your voice heard about your professional experience at the Lab. We have a Glassdoor profile and welcome the feedback we receive there.
  8. Consider Laboratory safety and security as you consider the information you present publicly.
  9. You cannot take photos on Lab premises. While you might be excited to post a selfie at New Hire Orientation, please avoid doing so.