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Community Leaders Survey

This survey is a tracking study commissioned by the Lab that helps measure perceived progress in maintaining community relationships and listening and responding to the needs of Northern New Mexico communities.

Latest results show nine-in-ten of the community leaders express satisfaction with LANL’s economic impact on the region.

Measuring change

The results of the 2016 Community Leaders Survey (pdf) are in, and the Laboratory is currently viewed positively by the large majority of community leaders in New Mexico. The study measures changes in leaders’ awareness, satisfaction levels in specific Lab programs, and activities.

Community Leaders were asked to rate their general impression of Los Alamos National Laboratory on a 5-point scale, where 5 is very favorable and 1 is very unfavorable. Over four-fifths (84%) of the Leaders have a favorable impression of LANL (giving a rating of 4 or 5) with two-fifths (39%) saying they have a very favorable impression. Eleven percent of respondents give a neutral rating (a score of 3) and just 4% report having an unfavorable opinion of LANL (a score of 1 or 2). Since 2009, there has been only slight fluctuations in LANL’s perceived corporate citizenship.

Survey Archive