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Detailed mapping of HIV ‘sugar shield’ could aid vaccine design

Researchers in LANL’s Theoretical (T) Division along with their partners from Scripps Research Institute developed a novel imaging method that led to the most detailed glycan (or sugar molecule) mapping of HIV. These sugar molecules shield the virus from the immune system, and therefore, gaps where sugar is lacking are ideal for vaccine targeting.

Sugar shields, which are extremely dynamic and flexible, have been notoriously difficult to image; however, they are incredibly important for HIV, influenza, and coronavirus treatment. This new sugar-shield mapping approach is poised to aid vaccine design and development for many glycogen-shielded viruses, including HIV.

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Awards and Recognition

Morreale named vice chair of APS Four Corners Section

Awards and Recognition

Graduate student Danielle Schaper first-ever LANL recipient of APS4CS Lustig Award


Americium isotope advances for quality control standards and commercial use

Progress in fission product diagnostics for post-detonation nuclear forensics

Earth and Environmental Sciences

QUIC-Fire is first laptop-capable wildfire management software

Infrastructure Enhancement

BSL-2 Lab in Chemical Microscopy Facility expands

High-explosives R&D Crystal Lab relocation and renovation complete

Materials Physics and Applications

First connection between a specific phase transition and superconductivity

Materials Science and Technology

Modeling predicts the role of grain boundary structure in materials in extreme environments

Integrated approach accelerates nuclear fuel development and qualification


Detailed mapping of HIV ‘sugar shield’ could aid vaccine design

New boundaries established for sea-ice models