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Interview Travel

Travel preapproval and reimbursement process information for invited Laboratory job interviewees.
  • Student Travel
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Interview travel process

Interview travel will be reimbursed only when a Laboratory organization has invited a candidate to come to the Laboratory to interview for a specific job and the following process is used. Eligible expenses are paid post-interview only.

Before beginning, review Interviewee Travel Regulations (pdf).

  1. Interviewee applies for a job using the iRecruitment Jobs site.
  2. Interviewee obtains pre-approval for travel reimbursement from the hiring organization line manager before incurring any travel expenses.  The hiring organization will then create a Travel Request using LANL Travel System
  3. Interviewee or hiring organization arranges for travel. (To prevent charges and fees that are not reimbursable, book airfare and lodging through the Lab's Travel Reservations Team or directly through  LANL  Travel System
  4. Interviewee travels to Los Alamos for an interview with the hiring organization.
  5. After returning home, interviewee sends receipts for all incurred travel costs to the hiring organization administrator either by mail or through email. (Interviewee should keep copies.)
  6. Hiring organization administrator creates an Expense report, attaches receipts and submits for Travel Office Review
  7. The Travel Office  reviews the claim based on Federal travel regulations and mails the reimbursement to the interviewee using the address on file.

Allowed reimbursement expenses

Receipts are required for all expenses except meals. Reimbursement is based on Federal travel regulations.

  • En route Travel: By plane or privately owned vehicle. Mileage over 400 miles requires an official fare quote.
  • Rental Car: Rented through Hertz Car Rental using the Lab's corporate discount number (CDP) 72120.
  • Gasoline: Used for rental car only
  • Parking: At airport only
  • Local Transportation: Taxies and shuttles
  • Meals and Incidentals: Calculated based on the maximum allowable rate for the lodging location Los Alamos, NM. See GSA Domestic Per Diem Rates.
  • Lodging: Reimbursed at the Los Alamos rate, since it is the point of business.
  • Airfare, Car rental, and lodging will be paid by LANL upon booking through LANL Travel System.